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Introduction - Fraternal History - Phiota Today - Our Pillars

The Fraternity has been significantly improved and slightly modified to insure its proper functioning and survival well into the 21st century. In 1994, the Fraternity was further improved, as a modified version of "Proposito 21" was accepted and implemented as a set of operational guiding principles, which are still in effect today. The "Proposito" facilitated both the modified organizational infrastructure and a constitutional revision to optimize the Fraternity system.

As of 1996, the Fraternity was looking into the future challenges of the 21st century and adjusted its long-term planning strategies to insure the proper development of the Fraternity beyond the closing of the millennium. Furthermore, by 1997, the Fraternity had four solidly organized Alumni Chapters. By 1998, with a fortified constitution and an operations manual, the Fraternity was duly prepared to begin expansion plans. By the end of 1999, the Fraternity had dramatically grown to triple its size in chapters since 1991. These chapters included active regions in Massachusetts, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, and Texas. In 2000, since the operations and management of Phi Iota Alpha has been solidified, it is able to take on larger and more complicated challenges. As a result, the organization has expanded to other regions, namely Maryland and California, while maintaining it's consistency and inspirational mission of Pan-Americanism.

Today, Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity commemorates its long history. It is the commemoration of the organization of the UHA as well as the merging of Sigma Iota and Phi Lambda Alpha. Phi Iota Alpha also commemorates the grandiose formation of the ULA, the implementation of the "Universidad Ideologica," the re-emergence of the organization from coast to coast. Yet, the Fraternity has had to overcome many obstacles to claim its long and arduous history. As the Fraternity continues to plan for the future, it is of utmost importance to remember that this history was made by men of great vision, leadership, devotion, persistence and most importantly, commitment to the continued development of our "Raza, Joven, Noble y Guerrera."

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